Walkers C-22 Solvent

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C-2 solvent

SolventWalker C-22 Solvent is a skin safe and oil based adhesive remover that can rinsed off with mild soap and water. Once the Walker Solvent is applied to the adhesive area, breakdown will begin instantly. The duration of the breakdown will depend on the level of adhesive build-up.

Walker C-22 Solvent is a cost-effective solvent that acts quickly to remove the adhesive. Although it is not the fastest solvent remover, its removal speed is medium. Once you have gently removed the system using the Solvent you can wipe away any remaining residue any shampoo and rinse. It’s recommended you use Bond Breaker Shampoo after this process as it ensures everything is clean and prepped. If you would like to use a faster acting solvent remover, that’s skin-safe with an easy clean-up, try Walkers Action Solvent Remover.