An essential shampoo for use as you prepare for your hair piece or hair system installation. Bond Breaker ensures that your skin is fully ready for a new install, removing adhesive, smoothing the skin and cleansing the hair. Suitable for use before installation only. Not for daily use. Available in two sizes.

The Bond Breaker shampoo is too strong for daily use and should only be used prior to installing your hair system or after removing. It’s a highly popular and effective shampoo product that’s used as an essential part of your preparation to installation of a wig, hair piece or toupee. To use apply just a small amount of shampoo to your hair and scalp and rub in as normal but remember to focus on the adhesive areas. The Bond Breaker shampoo will break down the adhesive bonds and clean up any remaining residue on the hair and scalp. If there is adhesive still left on the scalp, you can rinse and repeat until its fully gone.

In our salon, Hairmail use bond breaker shampoo on clients to remove any residue of tape or solvents, its a great product that breaks down those bonds easily. It’s used in preparation to applying your old or new hair system. If you want to see more of our hair system products, please visit our shop.