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Prices £210 to £235 for human hair hairpieces for men

Traditional approaches to hair systems felt tired and cumbersome. We created Hairmail to provide a premium, contemporary service that was convenient, private and fit smoothly into a busy, modern lifestyle.

Our hairpieces for men are robust, waterproof, and durable. We only use the finest, superior human hair that will look and feel like your own. Every product we sell can be cut, colored and blended to suit your requirements. Hairmail hair systems are suitable for any hair loss, including alopecia, thinning hair and partial hair loss…

HairPieces for Men

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Our non-surgical men’s hair loss replacement systems

Hair loss can be a distressing experience. We provide a quick and easy solution that is easily managed from the privacy of your own home. Removing the need to visit a salon, Hairmail enables you to order custom-made hair systems online. 

Hair systems from men in Manchester, Cheshire and the UK by

Why Choose US?

  • Our hair systems are made from 100% human hair for hair loss replacement that looks, feels and acts like your own hair. With a non-visible hair line, our hair systems blend invisibly into your hair and are undetectable.
  • No surgery, medications. salon visits or expensive, prolonged procedures – we specialise purely in custom hairpieces for men, in the comfort of your own home.
  • With flexible delivery options to suit your lifestyle, delivery direct to your door anywhere in the U.K. and a 14-day money back guarantee, this really is hair loss replacement made easy.
  • The only online delivery hair loss replacement systems in the U.K.
  • If you’re looking to visit a salon:
    Please refer to our affiliates on the home page header to choose a reputable hair system salon and stylists available in your area.


Up to 48 weeks lifespan

The most durable mono hair system can last more than one year. For daily wearer, you need to take it off, clean it, and reattach it for 2-3 weeks.

Sleep in it

No need to remove it when you go to bed. Using a silk or satin pillow will prolong the life of your hairpiece.

Shower in it

Just like regular hair, no time consuming removal before you bathe.

Swim in it

Yes! You can even swim wearing your new hair piece!

Exercise in it

Work out, lift weights, go running – your hairpiece will remain secure and undetectable.

Undetectable appearance

No one will notice you’re wearing a hair system. Enjoy your dating time!

An enthusiastic and capable stylist Having been a user of hair systems for just under half a year, I have definitely experienced a fair deal of what is offered within the market, both in terms of actual systems and service. Unfortunately, having really been let down before, I decided to search for a new stylist, and this is how I came into the hands of Chris in his private salon. I must say, the salon he has set up is very impressive, very private and organised, loaded with everything that one could possibly need – quite a step up from the last that I had visited. Chris clearly knows what he is doing as he was constantly providing insights, hints and tricks that a ‘hair wearer’ such as myself really appreciates – it was clear that he actually cares, phew! In addition to settling my nerves, he provided an incredible colour blend for my system (which was losing its vigour) and cut in my system so that I left with an incredibly beautiful, and youthful trim. Within his salon he also a stock of all things that one might require: an abundance of different tapes and adhesives, hair systems, and more. In my experience of wearing hair and visiting specialists, Chris is by FAR the most switched on, and for that I will hopefully be treating him as my future ‘hair carer’. If you are looking for an enthusiastic and capable stylist then look no further. He is quite busy however, so do make sure you book in advance. It may be worth sharing that I am just 22, and living with many other young students. Regardless, my hair has survived the scrutiny of prying eyes. It really does look quite fantastic and trendy. Chris, many thanks for everything!

– KAV –

great service. Sent to Australia from the UK. Was great quality, cut to the picture I sent and arrived within 6 days. I have ordered online from other companies but is by far the best quality and service by far..

– Davoros –

Cyber hair is the latest innovation in male wigs UK and uses the latest technology and developments to provide the best wigs for men UK available. Cyberhair uses the most advanced technology and no other men’s real hair wigs can compare in quality, style and durability.


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