Walkers Ultra Hold acrylic glue




Walkers Ultra Hold acrylic glue is one of the best glues around.

This is a top soft-bond adhesive that remains powerful for 3-5 weeks.

Ultra hold is acrylic-based and stays clear once dry.

Available in 4 sizes with or without a brush.

If you’re looking for an adhesive glue that will last longer than any other, Walkers Ultra Hold Acrylic Glue is for you! It’s reliable and works with all hair system types, just apply the Ultra Hold Glue using a sponge brush and make sure you only apply a thin, even coat to scalp, then blow dry until tacky. Repeat this process once more, then apply hair system onto scalp, gently pressing but firmly holding for 10 seconds.

Before you apply Walkers Ultra Hold Acrylic Glue, use 99% Alcohol and Max Hold Sport on the scalp as preparation.

Walkers Ultra Hold Glue is the most popular strong adhesive and has revolutionised the market in comparison to silicone-based adhesives. It will last longer, it’s easier to remove and offers a quick clean up compared to any other hair system glue available. You can expect the system to hold anywhere between 4-6 weeks.