Sure stick is a hard bond glue, it’s designed to stick to stubble. It must be used on top of your tape not straight onto your hair system. It’s basically skin safe super glue. If you get it in the hair or on the foundation it is impossible to remove, but easy to remove when the tape is peeled off.

Sure Stick is one of the best performing hard bond adhesives from Walker Tape. It’s much stronger than softer bonds and gives you long hold times of up to 4-6 weeks. Because it’s such a strong bond, Sure Stick is not safe to use on the skin and it is ONLY to be used on the hair system or hair system tape. The hair system adhesive is completely waterproof which makes it a great choice is you sweat a lot, have oily skin or live in a hot climate.

You can use tape which will help to protect the hair system from the hard bond by applying the tape around the perimeter of the unit. The tape has a slip side which is made to fuse to the adhesive. You can also use Lace Release to help you remove the hard bond adhesive.