Safe Grip




A popular, long-lasting adhesive that dries clear and lasts for at least three weeks. Safe grip is a super strong glue for your hair system that needs to be stuck right first time.
It can be applied to hair systems, wigs, toupees and hair pieces.
For clients who are looking for a high quality and durable water-based adhesive, Safe Grip is a fantastic hair system glue that’s suitable for all hair system units and is skin safe. Other than it being a water-based adhesive, it has a very low odor, its non-toxic and non-stringy.
Before you apply Safe Grip, use Isopropyl 99% Alcohol on the scalp to prepare then apply a very thin coat of Safe Grip to the scalp and blow dry until its clear. Repeat this once more and then apply the hair system unit directly onto the scalp and hold firmly for 10 seconds.