Lace Front Support Tapes 36pcs


C-Curve Thin Transparent Lace Front Support Tapes Pack of 36

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Walkers lace front support tapes are already curved for a perfect fit, they have an invisible dull finish, they are very thin and have a hold time of up to 3 to 4 weeks.

The Walkers lace front support tapes also minimise damage to delicate lace systems as they’re easy to life, making them ideal as they’ll provide longer duration. The lace support tapes are one of the most popular selling tapes online because of their dull finish which makes them discrete and unnoticeable, although they appear blue they’re actually clear then applied. The walker lace front support tape is available in 3 different sizes which come in 3yd, 12yd and 36yd.

As well as being super strong and long lasting, lace front support tape from Walkers are odorless and bacteria resistant which helps those who endure sweating or live in hotter climates. We also supply more tapes for hair systems if you would like to see more.

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