Walkers Action Solvent Remover




Action Solvent Remover by Walkers tape is a fast acting solvent to remove glue and tape from your hair system.

If you’re looking for a fast-acting solvent remover with an easy clean-up, Walkers Action Solvent Remover is ideal. It’s the newest solvent from Walkers Tape and is their fastest skin-safe solvent yet, having been reviewed as a brilliant product for its speed in removal and clean-up time. Walkers Action Solvent Remover is easy to achieve a secure re-attachment which means there is less likely of there being any left-over residue. As well as leaving very little oily residue, the solvent contains lanolin which helps to soothe the scalp and skin.

The Action Solvent Remover is suitable for lace and poly cap hair units. To apply spray the solvent on the adhesive area. The solvent will begin to breakdown the adhesive in seconds. Then remove the left-over residue, shampoo, and rinse. If there is any residue left, it’s recommended you use Bond Breaker shampoo to remove it as this works best, even when removing any left-over solvent.