C22 Solvent




An ever-popular adhesive remover that is gentle on your skin and simple to rinse off with soap and water. C-22 Solvent makes removal of your hair system quick and easy. Available in 3 sizes.

The c22 solvent is a citrus oil based product and is suitable for all hair system types. It’s extremely popular and has been used by men for over 15 years as it works super fast, removing the hair system with a pleasant smelling fragrance. If you suffer with very sensitive skin you might want to try the S3 Sensitive Skin Solvent, however the c22 solvent is used and works on most clients.

If you’re intending to use this outside of salon purposes, make sure you saturate the adhesive area completely which will then begin to breakdown the residue in a matter of seconds. If there is a lot of adhesive built up, it might take longer or a couple of goes before its completely gone. You will then be able to wipe away and remove any remaining residue, simply shampoo and rinse off.