For a longer-lasting hair piece, spray Top-Loc Knot Sealer on the inside of mesh units to seal and protect knots, whilst reducing shedding. Walker Top-Loc Sealer is alcohol-based, has a gentle scent and is available in 4oz. By sealing the delicate knots at the base it holds the hair for longer, helping to maintain it’s condition. Ensure you leave the knot sealer to dry and follow instructions with the bottle. 

The sealer is popular for its ability to prolong the life of your hair system and lace front wig by preserving the knots which tend to come lose overtime, causing the hair system to shed. If you use the knot sealer each time you reapply your wig our toupee you will bond and seal the tiny individual knots, extending the life span dramatically. It’s important to care of your new hair system using knot sealer and other products so you’re not making regular trips to the salon or continuously having to purchase new ones.

This sealer is made from Isopropyl Alcohol, H2O and Copolymers and is a skin safe product. It is advised you do not to apply to skin that is irritated and avoid any contact with the eyes. We also offer more hair system solvents for wigs and toupees, just click the link.