Sensi Bond FS


Sensi bond is a hard setting glue bond similar to super glue only put on tape never direct Hair System base. It’s great for hot weather but will need to be shaved off to be removed.

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Sensi Bond FS is an adhesive used for the tape of your hair system. It is a super strong glue that is ideal for warm and hot climates.

Sensi-Bond is a hard bond adhesive that has slightly less hold time compared to more aggressive bond adhesives, making it ideal if you’re looking to re-position or apply your hair system after a couple of weeks.

As Sensi-Bond is a hard adhesive it dries a lot more rigid than soft bond adhesives but still gives you flexibility for long hold times. Like a super-glue for your hair system, you must use on hair stubble not skin. What makes Sensi-Bond a popular product is that it’s waterproof which ideal for active people who exercise regularly, those with oily or sweaty skin and anyone who lives in a humid climate. It’s advised that you don’t work with hard bond adhesives unless you are use to them, we advise that you let experienced professionals apply this for you, as you may also damage your hair system in the process too. We also supply more adhesives for hair systems along with solvents and tapes.