Cyber hair is a new revolutionary hair offered here at Hairmail so we wanted to take a look at what Cyber hair is, what it is made from and rough costs to give you a quick overview before consultation.

What is Cyber Hair?

Cyber hair is manmade fibre which has been specially developed to improve wigs and hair pieces. The hair is natural looking, easy to maintain and very durable.

The way cyber hair is produced it has the hair strands are specific to your design with a unique memory. This ensures that once the hair piece or wig is washed it reverts back to your original style which saves time in restyling.

Cyber hair produces lightweight, bespoke wigs and hair systems and pieces all of which are heat resistant, but due to the memory of the hair they do not require as much styling.

Cyber hair also has no limits when it comes to hair colour choices so you can be reassured that we will be able to match the colour that you require including graduated and natural root looks.

How to look after cyber hair

It is important that you take care of your cyber hair so that it lasts you a long time and remains looking top quality.

If you choose to use a cyber hair, hair piece or wig then it is vital that a qualified cyber hair technician cuts your hair, if it is not done correctly it can lead to low performance.

Cyber hair needs to be replenished with moisture and conditioned we can advice you on products for this when you have your consultations. Protection sprays should also be used to prevent damage to the delicate fibres.

As the hair is delicate it is important when wet that you pat it dry rather than rub this will help to prevent damage.

If you plan to swim whilst wearing your cyber hair, make sure that the hair is wet and conditioned before entering the swimming pool and always wash, cleanse and condition afterwards.

Where possible use satin or silk pillows.

Although you can use heat on cyber hair it is advisable to avoid extreme heat.

How much does cyber hair cost?

This is hard to say without a full consultation as it really depends on the design, thickness, colour and length. Prices for cyber hair start at around £600 and vary according to your choice. Contact us today and we can offer a free consultation and discuss if cyber hair is the right option for you.