Overtime the quality and success of hair loss solutions has become more and more progressive. There are now more people choosing to have a hair system over hair transplanting and there are many good reasons as to why. One being the quality of a men’s hair system which no longer look like cheap synthetic wigs that are rugged and detectable. Instead, they look just like natural hair as their made with human hair, discrete lace and invisible tapes or adhesives. They can match the exact colour and density of your hair so no one can tell the difference. To help you understand the benefits of a men’s hair system over a hair transplant, we’ve put together a list of points so you can decide whether it’s the right choice for you.

Men’s Hair Systems are Non-Surgical

Unlike hair transplants, hair systems require no surgery or down-time and can be removed when and as needed. The hair system only requires you to shave the remaining hair and attach the mesh to the scalp using an adhesive glue or tape, which is usually fitted to the lace rather than the scalp anyway.

The complications of this are minimal, one might have a skin reaction to the adhesive but they will always include the ingredients so you know if you are sensitive to check first if its ok to use on your skin. With a hair transplant however, there are numerous risks involved from the anesthesia to scarring. With a hair system you have far less risk involved and as its non-surgical the timescale for it to work is instant, you only have to wait for your system to be made.

Hair Transplants can go wrong!

In 2019 the Daily Mail shared a shocking article on the dangers of hair transplanting and what happens when they go wrong. The said “The ISHRS said illegal clinics are tricking British customers with sophisticated websites and false guarantees while charging as little as £620 for the procedures.”

They also say in the article that many of these overseas clinics in places like India and Turkey do not have the correct qualifications and are regarded as ‘rogue clinics and hospitals that facilitate illegal or unethical practices’.

Taken from the Daily Mails post, below are some photos of hair transplants that have gone wrong and left the patient in pain with infection or scarring to the scalp:

These awful complications are the worst outcomes of a hair transplant but not all go terribly wrong. Some in fact don’t even work at all, even when they’ve been completed by reputable surgeons. According to  www.maximhairrestoration.com they said that “It is very rare for an entire hair transplant to “fail,” but it is possible that a small percentage of the transplanted follicular units will not take root and will therefore not produce new hair growth.”

Most hair transplants when done correctly by professional hair transplant Doctors and surgeons are successful and look great over time once the hair grows back. There is however a high risk involved and, in some cases, they might not work after spending thousands of pounds. Cheap options are even more of a risk as I’ve just identified with patients opting to go to rogue clinics overseas. Is it really worth it?

Hair Systems guarantee results!

Hairmail will create your premium unique hair system to your exact requirements

Regardless of the cause of hair loss or how sever it is, a hair system will always work and cover the entire bald patch. While a hair transplant can take 6 months or longer to work and, in some cases, it won’t necessarily cover the entire issue either, the density might not come back as thick as desired.

With a men’s hair system, you can request how thick you want it to look, how long you want the hair to be and what colour and style. Although it doesn’t solve the hair loss issue and yes underneath the system the problem is still there, it can be hidden and unnoticed. They provide guaranteed results for everyone!

You can wear or remove your hair system anytime you like

Custom made hair systems for men by Hairmail

Another great benefit to a hair system is the simple fact you can reverse them anytime you like! That meaning if you get sick of it you can also take it off and not wear it. You can ask your hair dresser to style it up every once in a while, or you can have multiple hair systems to wear when and where you feel like. Hair transplants are permanent and they cannot be changed, the quality also depends on the donor area available so you might not get the results you’d hoped for. With a hair system you’ll always get to choose the design and look.

Hair Systems are suitable for all forms of hair loss

Hairmail craft bespoke hair systems for men in the UK

The best benefit of a hair system is that it works for everyone, men women and children who suffer from hair loss regardless of the cause or condition it is in. Hair systems work for those left scarred by hair transplants or when they’ve gone badly wrong or not worked. They can cover conditions such as alopecia and hair loss due to chemotherapy, age or genetics. They do require you care for them though, and up keep is a must if you want it your hair system to last and look natural. There are tons of quality products you can use for them to keep them in maintained.

If you’d like to know more about men’s hair systems browse through our website to get a feel on how they look and the quality that can be created. You can also contact me by phone to discuss your situation and any options you’re interested in so we can guide you in the right direction.