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FAQ for new hair piece users

Base tape (formally known as transpore)
is a single sided tape that is used to reinforce the inside of the unit preventing wear and tear to the fragile unit. It can also be used with other double sided tapes for easy removal and for minor repairs.
C-22 is the most popular adhesive remover. It is gentle on the skin works fast and is easy to rinse with soap and water.
Always use conditioner specially formulated for human hair. Smooth the conditioner through the hair. Rinse in cool water. Do not rub or agitate the hair. Brushing: Please take care when brushing to avoid damaging the cap Don't over brush the hair piece as it may cause the hair knots to loosen which will result in increased hair loss from the base foundation.
Gently blot excess water with a towel. Please do not wring or twist. Shake the hair piece and ideally allow it to dry naturally. If blow drying the hair inside out and gently dry the base of the hair piece first. (Tip: apply 2 to 3 coats of knot sealer spray to increase longevity of hair shedding)
Always use a medium heat.
Easy Green is our newest maximum wear tape. It's easy to work with, holds for 2-3 weeks, and removes easily so it won't harm delicate lace systems. It is also the dullest tape we offer.
Just right positioning spray can be applied to the adhesive area before placing the system so you can move it into position without sticking. It is also great for touchups on the hairline it has a refreshing, mild sent.
Lace Front Minis are made specifically for lace systems. They are made with the dullest finish available and provide the most natural look. Why use Minis over conventional contours? The smaller size allows you to place the tape exactly where it's needed on the unit without using sticky scissors. Available in 72-count bags
Lace Front Support Tape is a top seller in the maximum wear line and is perfect for a 2-3 week hold. Famous for its dull finish and blue liner.
Your hair piece has been skillfully crafted with quality human hair.
Cleaning: Prior to washing, remove all knots and tangles.
Wash your hair piece in warm water and apply a specialist wig shampoo or a shampoo that is paraben and sulphate free, or shampoo for coloured hair (this will minimize the colour fade)
Smooth the shampoo evenly through the hair gently massage (do not rub or scrub or agitate the hair.
Sensi-Tak Red liner is an extended wear tape that is popular for use on poly units This is a very low-residue tape that is easy to clean up.
Your order may contain solvents, removers, tapes or liquid adhesives.
lf this is your first time using this product, we strongly recommend
doing a "patch test" to avoid possible skin irritation or discomfort.
i.e.: perform a patch test, place a small amount of product on
a sensitive area of the skin typically behind an ear, your
forearm, or behind your knee. Leave the product on the test area
for 24-72 hours. Cover with a bandage if necessary.
If no irritation occurs, the product should be safe.
lf the test area is red, irritated, or a rash develops, contact a physician if necessary, and do not use these products.
Top-loc Knot sealer:
Top Loc knot sealer can be sprayed on the inside of the mesh units to seal and protect the delicate knots. This will reduce shedding and extend the life of your hair system. It is alcohol-based and low odour
Ultra-Hold MinisTM Ultra-Hold Minis are the tackiest, flexible, and long-lasting tape we make and the mini shape is so versatile. You can use it on the front hair line, the sides, the back, or wherever you need a strong and consistent hold. Available in 72-count bags.