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Our Premium Custom Hair Loss Replacement Systems

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Bespoke Hair Loss Replacement Systems for Men

With the look and feel of your natural hair, our superior custom hair loss replacement systems for men are made with 100% human hair.

Strong, long-lasting and waterproof, each of our premium custom hair loss replacement systems are bespoke hair pieces that are individually created to perfectly fit your balding area. Our expert team will measure, make and deliver your custom hair loss replacement system direct to your door within 5-7 days, for an easy and private solution to hair loss.

How to Order:

✔ Order online

✔ Order by phone on: 07855952013

✔ Post a current or recent hair system or hair piece to us and we will use it to create a brand new, high-quality hair piece for you.

✔ Request a free video tutorial demonstrating how to use clingfilm to create a mould of your head using your existing hair system or hair piece.

Expert Customer Care

At our priority is to deliver an exceptional level of care and the best expertise to ensure that your experience is efficient, sensitive and of the highest standard. Having had our own experiences of hair loss we understand how hard it is to find a high-quality product and an acceptable level of customer care.

We are proud to break that mould and deliver a premium, contemporary service that is private, quick, affordable and simple to use.

You will find our expert team understanding, empathetic, helpful and knowledgeable.

Our passion is to create premium hair loss replacement systems for men that can be ordered in the simplest, quickest and most hassle-free way. With delivery to the UK address of your choice within 5-7 days and a high-quality, bespoke hair system that looks and feels like your own, this is the perfect, modern solution to hair loss.

Order online or give us a call today to find out more on: 07855952013 for your quick, private and easy solution to hair loss.

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